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Drostdy Hof was launched in South Africa in 1973 and has extended its reach into African and key international markets.

Our team of skilled winemakers use a long-established and proven age-old process of controlling water to extract the maximum flavour from each grape to create our range of well-balanced, bright and smooth textured wines that are full of life and full of flavour.

Just as we magnify the flavour from each grape, Drostdy Hof is the catalyst for you to stop and experience the flavour in life’s everyday special moments that often pass by unnoticed.

An approachable, accessible, unintimidating and sociable South African wine that has long been trusted for its consistent, great flavour, taste and quality.

Available in a wide choice of quality blends and pack sizes with the added convenience of a variety of pack formats at great value prices.

Drostdy Hof - Our Heartland

The Manor House

Home to centuries of winemaking tradition and a symbol of lasting quality and craftsmanship, De Oude Drostdy in the heart of the Tulbagh valley was established in 1804. We continue to be inspired by it to ensure the continued consistent quality range of blended wines with magnified flavour that is loved around the world.

Drostdy Hof - The Manor House

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Drostdy Hof - Our Wines Drostdy Hof - Our Wines

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Enjoy a day out in the countryside at De Oude Drostdy. Taste your way through our wine range by romantic candlelight in De Oude Drostdy’s cellar, sit back and enjoy your favourite Drostdy-Hof Wine on the veranda or take a stroll through the beautiful gardens with your wine in hand. Our home is also a museum, so while you’re here, take a moment to immerse yourself in the rich history of the Tulbagh Valley.

De Oude Drostdy Visiting Hours

Mon-Fri: 10am-5pm | Sat: 10am-2pm | Sun: closed | Public holidays: 10am-2pm

Wine tasting: R25 pp includes visit to the Museum | Museum visit: R10 pp

Contact De Drostdy Manor

+27 (0) 23 2300 203 | info@drostdy.co.za

Tulbagh Tourism

+27 (0) 23 2301 348 | www.tulbaghtourism.org.za

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Map To Our House

Drostdy Hof - Visit Us

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+27 (0) 23 2300 203 | info@drostdywines.co.za

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You can also stay up to date with the latest happenings in the Tulbagh countryside by following us on Facebook.

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